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Looking for home or office security?
Need some phone wiring checked?
Need a home or office network?
Having trouble with your Freeview?

SecureComm, working for west coasters for a safer, faster and cheaper communications and security service.
From wiring a house to cabling your business, we can do it all.

Servicing Karamea, Westport, Greymouth, Hokitika and Haast.

SecureComm is dedicated to the safety and security of west coasters, thats why we only use one of New Zealands best monitoring companys
SecureComm is happy to come and see you and discuss your needs and put together a plan of attack that you will be more than happy with.
We also do Freeview installs and Computer servicing and sales so if your hard drive has crashed and you need those presious photos off it, give us a call.

All services provided by SecureComm are STRICTLY confidential.

If your unhappy with the amount your paying for a homeline and internet, ask us about VoIP. The future in communications is here.

Your phone is over there, pick it up and give us a call.

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Security Services

Security Services

Securecomm offers a 'complete start to finish service' for security here on the West Coast. From wiring to the installation and then user training of:

Coax Camera Systems
Network Camera Systems
Commercial Alarms Systems
Residential Alarm Systems
Access Control

We can also sign you up to New Zealand's top of the line monitoring company so when you're away from the home or office, someone will know your alarm has gone off.

Website Design and Publishing

Website Design and Publishing

Securecomm offers a full website design and internet marketing services.

Whether you have an established business, or maybe you are just starting out, Securecomm will help you expand upon your client base and help bring your business the attention it deserves. We can help get your Domain Name and sort the Website Hosting to get you online without any fuss.

Getting ranked high in google takes time, and there are many tricks of the trade to get there. Let us take care of it and we WILL get you there.

Networks and Data Cabling

Networks and Data Cabling

Computer Networks allow you to share resources and information among devices connected within that network. To do this you need to install Data Cabling or have a Wireless Network in place.
Share files and media, music, printers, hard drives and more from one device to another.

Our services include structured wiring of new complex's to repairing old wiring to bring it up to modern standards. Installation of data cabling

With our advanced testing equipment we can locate faults in minites not hours like other communication companies, we run a qualification test on any installation we do which gives you a detailed report on your data or phone wiring condition.



SecureComm provide comprehensive wireless network installation services for your organisation. If you’re looking for a WiFi network for your business, home or other organization located on the west coast, we can help.

We will need to do a site survey to check your environment, range and devices your looking at running on your wireless network. Once this is done, we will install the best wireless technology for your requirements.

If your just having trouble with your router, we can help with that also.

Voice Over IP (VoIP) and Analog Phone Wiring and Supply

Voice Over IP (VoIP) and Analog Phone Wiring and Supply

VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol is the way of the future that is being used right now in business and homes around the world. Its constantly changing and getting better. With its clear digital sound, VoIP is better than your analog line by far.

VoIP also comes with many features that you have to pay extra for on a normal line, like call waiting, call diversion, voice message, and many more. These services are FREE with VoIP.

VoIP lets you take your home phone anywhere with you using 3G or 4G phones. Cutting the usual 29c per minite down to as little as 2 cents per minite (depending on how much you pay for data)

If your analog phone is crackling, hissing, or doing something else weird let us take a look.

We wire and install PABX systems as well.

Computer Services

Computer Services

If your computer is running really slowly, or not running at all, let us fix it for you.

We offer a complete computer tune-up service that removes viruses, spyware, temporary files, and we can also speed up your computer by changing settings that can slow it down. We can also look at upgrades to your system, or even a new system altogether, all at very competitive rates

If you're having trouble installing software we can help with that too.



SecureComm offers the following:

Satellite Dish installation
Satellite freeview decoders
Ethnic and religious programmes via satellite
Home Theater Setup
Flat screen TV wall mounting
In-wall cable concealment
Pre-wiring for AV 5.1 or multi zone system setups
Commercial Installation
of satellite MATV setup for schools, motels or boadrooms.
AV solutions

Data Recovery Service

Data Recovery Service

We make no promises that we can recover every hard drive, as every hard drive will have a different symptom but will sure give it a good go.

If you have important photos or sensitive files that you needed yesterday, feel free to drop it in and we'll be happy to take a look.

If you're worried about confidentiality, don't be because like all services provided by SecureComm, they are STRICTLY confidential

Again no promises we can fix your drive, but a good chance we can get your information off.
(Grab a USB stick or CD to put your files onto once recovered)

Wireless Nation

Wireless Nation

Wireless Nation is the only internet service provider (ISP) who provides fast urban, rural and business broadband access anywhere in New Zealand. Connect today and experience the difference.

FAST BROADBAND ANYWHERE Whether you live in the beautiful remote Chatham Islands or in apartment in Auckland’s CBD, we’ve got you covered.

CUSTOM SOLUTIONS Tricky problem? We provide custom solutions to get you connected, whether you live in a remote area or need coverage over a large area.

LOW CONTENTION Consistently fast. We manage the number of users using the same connection to make sure your internet is as fast as it should be.

EXCEPTIONAL CUSTOMER SERVICE Our contact centre is based in New Zealand and our team always goes the extra mile to help you out.





Hi, my name is Darryn Hadland, I've been working in the Security and Communications trade since 2007 , previous to that I spent years doing computers so I have plenty of knowledge in various fields.

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